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FlowconSupportTroubleshooting. HW_NoScales


Scale reading on the Flowcon screens for one or more scales does not match the readings on the actual scale display.

Probable Cause (in most likely order)

Disconnected or broken scale data cable at rear of computer.
Broken or defective scale data cable between the computer and the scale display.
Failed scale display.
Mis-programmed scale display (usually occurs after having scales 'calibrated').
Bad Flowcon board.


Make sure there is some weight in the scale so that the reading is non-zero.
Run the polling mode scale test.
Run the interrupt mode scale test.
(For Combo systems) run the Combo mode scale test.
When running the above tests, swap scale connections at the white Molex connectors on rear of system to see if the failure follows the scale
Be sure to reconnect scales properly when done testing.


Repair the scale cable and its connections.
Replace the scale display (if all tests fail for this scale, but other scales work correctly).
Reset data transmission parameters on the scale display:
4800 baud (parity and stop bits, and simplex or duplex doesn't matter).
Reading update rate should be four readings per second minimum.
Replace the Flowcon board (very unlikely as the cause).