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No Output - symptom #1 of 2

One or more output relays don't work correctly.
Output doesn't operate it's load  device. [input status incorrect.]

Probable Cause (in most likely order)

Bad relay fuse.
External device defective or disconnected.
Bad relay.
Partially disconnected relay cable at computer.
Power missing.
Bad relay cable, relay control board or relay rack.
Bad Flowcon board.


Manually operate relay.
Observe LED on bad relay.


Measure the voltage on the appropriate screw terminal with a good voltmeter.
LED on = 120V AC at the wire connecting screw.
LED off = 0V AC (or very low) at the wire connecting screw.
Measure the voltage on the 'common' screw at the relay.
Output relay: 120V AC.
Input relay: 0V AC.
Measure the voltage drop across the fuse with the relay 'on'
Should be zero.
Measure 5V DC input power to the relay rack.
Should be 4.9 to 5.0V DC.
Run the relay diagnostic.
Make sure the EMERGENCY STOP button on the relay enclosure front panel is pressed in!


Output relay, LED on:
120VAC at the wire connecting screw:
the problem is EXTERNAL to the Flowcon panel
have an electrician find the problem and correct it.
0V AC at the wire connecting screw
bad relay or bad fuse - replace failed component
If there is discontinuity or a broken trace between the wire connecting the screw to the relay or fuse, then replace the relay rack.

Output relay, LED off but there is 120V AC at the wire connecting screw:
If the load is running, pull the relay
If there is still power, have the electrician find the source.
It may be an improperly wired auto/manual switch
An external device is back-feeding power
Have an electrician trace down the wiring fault and repair it.
no power, replace the relay which is shorted.

(load not running) - You have a broken wire to the load.
All output relays put out 3 ma even if off  ( zero crossing detection)
If there is no load, you will measure voltage.
Once you re-apply the load, the voltage will swamp back to zero.


Strange Test - Symptom #2 of 2

Relay test activates relays in strange block patterns:

Relay cable partially disconnected
Remove and reconnect securely.

Defective Relay cable
Replace it.

Broken relay connector on Flowcon board
Replace it.

Swap the relay control board with another board.
Be sure jumper settings are correct.
If the problem follows the board, replace it.

Failed circuitry on Flowcon board
Replace it.