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Batcher 'frozen' on opening screen. 

Time-of-day clock in the upper right-hand corner of the screen is stopped (not updating at all).

This is caused by a loss of the 'real-time-clock' which comes from the Flowcon board, but is probably not being seen in the computer. It runs on IRQ7.


Probable Cause (in most likely order)

Flowcon board is out of its slot from shipping or being dropped.
New computer: Interrupt conflict between the Flowcon board and other computer hardware, usually happens   after moving the board into a 'new' computer.
Bad Flowcon board.



Run the real-time clock test in the Integrated Diagnostic utility.



Reseat the Flowcon board in its slot.
Resolve the interrupt conflict by removing or reassigning the conflicting hardware. {LINK -- ISA-ISSUES, IRQ7 lost or jumper missing}
Modify the Flowcon board to use different interrupts (undesirable).
Replace the Flowcon board (very unlikely).