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Process Control
PCI Upgrade
Design Goal
img Welcome to Flowcon

Custom weighing and process control
solutions since 1969

Our Mission: To provide batch weighing systems that are technologically superior while suitable for a production environment.

img We customize our system so you don't have to customize yours.
Optimized for speed and flexibility, with parameter driven controls.
img Graphical status, on platforms optimized for reliability with low-tech personnel.
Manual panel for override and diagnostic ability.
img Weigh by gain or loss; metering; truck scales, loader displays..
Complex blending sequences; digital and analog control.
Information displays; R-F linked applications and host interface.

This Site

img Batchers: Pre-packaged and custom batching systems
img Process Control: Other PC based systems.
img PCI Upgrade: Refurbish ISA systems to support PCI.
img Sales Information: Features, advantages, components.
Install planning, startup tasks, resources and Frequently Asked Questions.
img Support: Problem solving, operator questions
DOS configuration; hardware connections; or connecting to another system.
img Design: Goal, specification, hardware design, and software architecture.
img Product History: original thumbwheel batcher, model 2200 and historical pictures.
"Just for Fun" picture gallery of favorite pictures.
img Download Software: menus, diagnostics and customer upgrades.
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Serving the United States and Canada since 1969