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7 Reasons
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Thank you for considering Flowcon.

Topics of Interest:

System Features: Batcher configurations and program functions.
Seven reasons to choose Flowcon: Productivity issues for supporting a cost justification.
System components: Identifies the equipment and parts we supply with each system.
Installation planning: the installation process, customer's tasks.
Warranty Information.

Additional Resources:

Frequently Asked questions: These cover a wide spectrum of related issues
Manuals: for several industries -
Feedyard: "feed to truck"
Feedyard: "feed to storage"
Plastics blending
Available Printed Reports
Data files: numerous files that can be downloaded to a host for statistical analysis and billing records.

Available on Request:

An operator manual: sample reports and an operational description. Please specify whether mixing on the truck (a truck system), or using finish feed storage bins (a routing system).
List of options: optional features available with, and in support of the batcher.
List of referrals: Sample customer list representing a variety of system applications.
Standard pricing of systems and options.
A specific quote, based on your proposed list of electrical inputs and outputs.

Creating your system:

You specify the functions, we list the signals to accomplish this control.
We guarantee results. At time of installation, we will adapt the control methods as needed.
No hidden costs. For the functions you have chosen, we will perform program changes as necessary, until the control is satisfactory - a “turn-key” solution.


What to expect on startup at your facility:

We supply complete documentation.
We talk your electrical and scale people through each step.
As they complete tasks, they will test using our system.
The startup should have minimal to no impact on your feeding schedule. Over a 3 day period, we will optimize you system, and perform training.
We minimize down time by thoroughly testing before we arrive, using an exact, custom simulation of your process.
This simulation stays, providing an excellent platform for testing and training.


The modular, replaceable nature of the parts means that you’ll never need buy another batch control system. This longevity is one reason why we spend the extra effort to perfect the program. You will appreciate its many standard features, ease of use, and reliability.

Bernie Bergen