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Flowcon. PCI_Upgrade

Why you need to upgrade to a PCI-based batch system

Faster computers use the faster and smaller PCI buss.

Older Flowcon systems use ISA, so new replacement computers are unavailable.


If your Flowcon batch system was installed before 11/01, and if it has not been upgraded to PCI, you have an ISA based system.

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FC_PCI_Edge800x421.JPG (110926 bytes) New Flowcon "PCI" board:
The upgrade includes software changes to support PCI,
A new computer,
New internal Flowcon PCI board(s).
This will enable you to use the new PCI systems.
FC_PCI_board800x524.JPG (119710 bytes)
Old Flowcon "ISA" board:
The discontinued ISA buss means dependence on older computers.
Their questionable reliability makes this  at best, a short term solution.
FC AT Edge788x360.jpg (70073 bytes)
FC AT board800x335a.jpg (64531 bytes)
pci-at dwg800x600.jpg (96105 bytes)

Drawing of ISA/PCI motherboard:

PCI connectors are shorter because they use closer pin spacing.

PCI Motherboard795x569.jpg (163315 bytes)   New PCI buss motherboards:

New computer boards look like this. The five white connectors on the left are PCI. It has no ISA connectors.


Old ISA Buss "AT" motherboard:

Typical of prior motherboards, this has six black ISA connectors plus two white PCI connectors. ISA was discontinued for being too slow.

isambd200x156.jpg (12271 bytes)
PCI Conversion Options: Click here to view the options for keeping your Flowcon current with this next revolution in PC technology.

Flowcon PCI -- operational for over a year with perfect reliability.

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