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PCI Boards
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Cmos, jumpers, cables, drives

Not sure which type? Identification

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ISA: Old (prior to July 2001)

Setting Jumpers on ISA Boards: These are set at installation. If you need an unusual configuration, look here for documentation.

ISA Issues: List of known ISA issues.

PCI: New (after July 2001)

Jumpers are not used for setup.

PCI Issues: List of known PCI issues.

Relay Cables: Installing a new or replacement cable into a NEMA cabinet 1/2 inch electrical box knockout, using the supplied cord-grip installed at one end
Bunk Reader Cable: Drawing for fabricating a cable to connect a bunk reader to the batcher Com1 port
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configuring hard drives in the CMOS
relay brain board jumpers
relay cable resistor termination.
how to set CMOS and interrupt conflict issues