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FlowconSupportTroubleshooting. PCI_Diagnostics

PCI Integrated Diagnostic
(New style Flowcon board)

Description and Function:

This tool checks all the Flowcon hardware on your batcher with the following tests:


Running the Tests:

Start the diagnostic [IDIAGPCI] idiagpci.exe (download of latest version)
pciscan.exe (pci slots - hardware scan tool)
The opening screen shows all Flowcon PCI boards installed in your system.
The main board is board 0. Subsequent boards are sequentially numbered.
Select the Flowcon board you wish to test.


Test Descriptions:

Real-time Clock test: Running this test should cause the speaker to beep and the screen to flash every five seconds. This is a fundamental test that must pass before all high level tests will run correctly.

Scale tests: Two types of tests:
Polling mode: Tests only a basic subset of the scale communications hardware. Use to verify basic scale connections and setup. This test displays the raw data from the scale including normally non-displayed data.
Interrupt mode: The way the batching software actually uses the scale port hardware. Use to verify that the batching system software can read the scales.

Relay tests: Sequentially activates all output relays on the first relay board; reads all input relays on the second board. By manually changing relay board address jumpers, you can test all relays.

SIO transmitter test: This test sends
The letter 'A' repeatedly to the first serial port output, 'B' to the second, 'C' to the third, and 'D' to the fourth.
The data port is initialized to 4800 baud, no parity, 8 bits, 1 stop bit.
Note: Serial outputs are an optional feature that your board may not have.

Bunkreader test: This test allows you to connect a Lextron bunkreader to serial port COM1 and receive an uploaded bunkreader file and display it to the screen.

Note: When you have a problem, it is recommended you check this website for the latest version of these Flowcon diagnostics.