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File Formats
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Description of all System and Data Files
Unless otherwise noted, all files are located in Root Directory i.e. C:\

1. Program Files
Four files - found in the C:\PCC\ directory are...

Exec.exe - Flowcon Real-Time Operating System
Pa.exe - Process Control
Pb.exe - Printer Control
Pc.exe - User Interface Control


2. Regular and Special Data Files

Sys.flo (required) - Bulk system parameters
Zsys.flo (required) - Micro system parameters
Ingr.flo (required) - Bulk Ingredient inventory and parameters
Bin.flo (required) - Bulk bin parameters
Bunksend.flo - Bunkreader data file created externally
Invupld.flo - Todays daily usage inventory. At an End Of Day, it is transferred to "Invupld.Fdd".
Invupld.Fdd - (since "dd" represents the day (01-31), you can have up to 31 of these files). They are stored in C:\SEND directory, and transmitted to a host system upon connection.
Maintlog.flo - Contains running times for attached devices (motors and such). To be used for maintenance purposes.
Binmon.Fdd - Contains records of manually run ingredients for the day. Found in the C:\BINMON  directory -- (dd represents the day (01-31), can have up to 31 of these files). They are automatically overlaid after a month. i.e. "binmon.f20" is an optional file that contains records of manually controlled ingredient bins for the 20th day of this month


3. Bulk and Micro Formulas (rations):
Each formula/ration occupies one file on the hard-drive, typically located in the C:\FOR directory. Bulk formulas use the extension ".for" while micro formulas use the extension ".foz". Valid names include any combination of alpha-numeric characters:

123456.for - bulk formula file
m1.foz - micro formula file
3.foz etc


Temporary Data Files

Print.tmp - All printed reports created while the printer is off-line, are appended to this file.
Ph.tmp - (Production History). All rations and batches run since the last end-of-day report was run are saved here for use in creating the next end-of-day report.
Bs.tmp - (Bunk Stack), a complete record of all ration entries. Used to reload the stack should the system be shut down or reset while items still exist in the stack.


End of Day Report Files 
These reports are created (in the order listed) when an End of Day function is run (F8 Ctrl-F7). Together they represent the entire printed EOD report, and can be reprinted later.

Eod4.rpt - Physical Micro Inventory Worksheet
Invadj.rpt - Micro Inventory Reconciliation
Eod.rpt - Bulk Ingredient Inventory
Eoda.rpt - Adjusted Bulk Ingredient Inventory
Eodz.rpt - Micro Ingredient Inventory
Eod1.rpt - Actual Production history (by time) since last EOD
Eod2.rpt - Bulk Summary by Formulas (since last EOD)
Eod3.rpt - Finished Feed Micro Ingredient Comparison


Diagnostic Files
These 2 files contain a "snapshot" of memory. In an illegal situation, they can be created manually (F6 shift-F8). They are also created automatically under certain circumstances.

Common.adr - Contains the base address of memory (length of 8 bytes)
Dump1meg.dat - Contains a literal image of the first 1 meg of memory (length of 1 meg).