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FlowconSupportOperator-questions. Add_Ingredient

Adding a New Ingredient to the System


Step 1 -- Create the New Ingredient:

Go to the View Edit screen. (F6 from main screen)
Go to the Ingredient Screen in Edit mode (Control + F5)
Go to the end of the list of ingredients. (down arrow to first blank line)
Insert a new ingredient line. (press Insert from product column).
Entering the ingredient name and description.
Press Enter: type the product name (press enter to save the name)
Press Enter: type the product description (enter to save description)
Save edits and return to view/edit screen (escape, escape)


Step 2 -- Assign the New Ingredient to the Bin File:

Go to the Bin Screen in Edit mode (Control + F3)
Select the Bin Entry for new Ingredient (cursor to it)
Assign the new ingredient (in the product column)
Cursor to the product column (far right)
Press Enter, select the new ingredient name from the list
Press enter to save product edit
Assign the correct scale number for this ingredient/bin combination.
Arrow to the bin column, press enter
Type the correct scale number (ie: 1,2,10,or 20) (enter to save)
(optional) If you want a different Bin name, edit the far left column.
Save edits and return to View/Edit screen. (escape, escape)


Step 3 -- Insert New Ingredient into Ration(s):

Go to the Ration Screen in edit mode (control + F7)
Select the ration you wish to edit from the menu (hilight the ration, press enter)
Go to the formula body. (PageDown)
Go either to the 1st blank line, or to the old ingredient you wish to replace (Use the down arrow to move the cursor to the appropriate line)
Add/Edit the ingredient
To add a new ingredient, press insert (it inserts before the ingr at the cursor)
If you are replacing an old ingredient, make sure the cursor is under the ingredient you are replacing and press enter.
Select the new ingredient from the menu, (enter to save)
Insert the correct weight total for this ingredient. (cursor to the weight column, enter, type weight, enter to save)
Save edit to Formula file and return to the View/Edit menu (screen). (escape, escape)


(Optional  Step 4) -- Calibrate bin containing new ingredient:

Go to the manual panel (from main screen, F7)
Autocal function calibrates the bin parameters.
Hold the Alt key down and press the bin key for the bin you wish to calibrate (Warning, this calibration program will run some amount of product into the scale).
For selected bin -- Autocal Steps:
Enter the number of pounds you wish to run.
The program will run 5-10 seconds of product to determine the correct values for the 9 parameters displayed - it may exceed the requested amount.
If the requested weight is surpassed, you are done weighing.
If you are short of the requested weight, a yes will finish out to the requested weight.
You're asked if you wish to keep the new parameters (yes to save)
You have successfully completed entering a new ingredient into a bin and calibrating it.

Problems you may encounter with auto-calibrate:

  1. Edit mode is locked out and the customer does not know their password.
  2. Autocal is not enabled on the customer.
  3. Autocal displays, but will not run material (and therefore cannot calibrate the bin).

If you have any of these difficulties, see the handout entitled, Typical problems and solutions


Note: When you have a problem, it is recommended you check this website for the latest version of these Flowcon diagnostics.