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Flowcon Support Agreement


Provides you assistance in four major areas:

free telephone support
free repair labor at our facility, parts and spare systems at our cost.
reduced labor rates for software changes
rebate a percentage of your unused service monies for towards software upgrades.


Advantages of a Flowcon Support Agreement:

Catastrophic failure protection:

Our systems run virtually trouble free, and requests for extensive support and repairs are infrequent. However, catastrophic failures, though infrequent, occasionally occur, requiring significant support over a day or two, where labor charges could exceed 20 hours of labor. This would be a covered expense with a support agreement.


Agreement Fee Rebate program:

With the additional benefit of our rebate program, the support agreement becomes more than just an insurance policy. It is an investment, keeping your system current. At standard rates, it would cost about $4,500 to upgrade your software. Under the rebate program, any service monies you do not otherwise use are accumulated and automatically applied towards a periodic software upgrade.


Bug fixes:

We maintain a master list of all corrections developed over our 50+ application sites. When we periodically upgrade your system software, we automatically incorporate these changes.


New features:

During an upgrade, we will automatically include those features that will make your system easier to use, improve productivity, reduce the chance for error, and expand the system's capabilities.


Your operators can  call us for support at the first sign of a problem, without worrying about being billed for picking up the phone.

Waiting often compounds the problem, increasing the probability of downtime and lost production.

It is important not to let your software fall behind. The rebate makes it easier to keep the software current.

Our annual rate is 2-3% of a new system (typical of others is 10%).