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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I load a new software revision?

- Go to the New Revisions page on this site and follow the instructions there. Note that ALL software revisions are now delivered via the New Revisions page of this site. You will need a Flowcon-assigned user ID and password to get your revision.

How do I load a new software revision without a floppy drive? No computer around here has one anymore!

Where there'a a will, there's a way.

You will need the following hardware on your batching computer:

If your batcher doesn't have any USB ports, you're out of luck using this method. If your computer doesn't have a CDrom drive, you'll need to scrounge up an IDE CDrom drive and install it on your batching computer.

There's a version of Linux which can run directly from a CDrom called Knoppix. This Linux version supports the USB bus and ports. I use version 3.8.2, which is old enough to support the typical hardware used for Flowcon batchers. A newer version may work, but I haven't tried it.

What you need to do:

We can provide you a copy of the Knoppix CDrom if you need one. We cannot provide detailed assistance on how to use it, as it is too complex. You will need someone with Linux experience on site to successfully use this process.

My end-of-day report is stuck / messed up. How do I recover?

- Reboot the Batcher
- From the Startup Menu, select option #3 'Goto DOS'
- Using DOS commands in the C:\ folder, delete or rename the following files:
- PH.TMP (production history file)
Type "del ph.tmp"; press 'enter'.
- PRINT.TMP (print spooler buffer)
Type "del print.tmp"; press 'enter'.
- reboot the system; start up normal batching
- run an End-of-Day report to clear any remaining buffers

You should now be back to normal operation. If you saved the files, you can view their contents with a text editor.