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The Rowe R90 Jukebox

Inside view (with face and amp removed). Note damaged right speaker.

Stereo amplifier. Driver board mounted in the chassis was already repaired. The large board is the pre-amplifier with equalizer switches and volume control.

Second driver board, showing damage


2nd board, repaired

Both channels under test

Under test

Output low power burn-in waveforms, 1 watt into 8 ohms

Upper case, showing control computer, display, and coin handler. This unit doesn't have the optional dollar bill handler.

Damaged speaker (rotted surround). This is typical for speakers with foam surrounds.

Record handling mechanism and turntable

Another view of record handling mechanism

Amplifier cavity, showing power supply (rear) and amp output transformers

Tone arm showing backwards mounted cartridge.

Another view. Cartridge is a Shure M44 with the round stylus.